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Lava City raid


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Lava City raid

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:02 pm

welcome to my guide for the scenarios 90 – 99.

In this guide i will tell you the orders of generals which I think are the best for the specific scenarios.

Lets speak about the purple generals a bit before we get started, since it will make things easier later on.
You should have Servius, Harold and Nadric by now and if you give them the right gear, they will do a really good job. So we should take a closer look at them.
( If you have 16+ items with 4x reduce incoming damage, you can skip this part, but why would you read this guide then )

Servius ( 65 int / 50 str ): His hits are actually kinda weak and he eats a lot of damage,
but that does not matter since his only jobs are to block and use his tactic attack normally.
If he is not the carry, he does a decent job with offensive items and 1 – 3 reduce damage items.
He can be the carry in 94 – 96. But he needs 3 – 5 items with 4x reduce damage in this case.

Harold ( 55 int / 60 str ) : There is something special about him : his tactic attack hits 4 rows.
So if you give him 3 items with 4x attack capability and 3 items with 4x tactic attack, he can reach the 5th row if you send him first,
which will help the following generals a lot. ( 2 / 4 or 4 / 2 might work as well )
He only does a decent job with other items, Nadric just outshines him.

Nadric ( 32 int / 83 str ) : A real monster thanks to his strength and tactic attack.
He will carry you through 90 – 92 / 97 – 98 and do a good job in the other scenarios.
He likes items with reduce damage best, second would be attack damage.
Even troops works on him if you back it up with 3 – 4 reduce damage items.

Silas ( 30 int / 85 str ) : Pretty much the same as Nadric, but Nadric is better for scenario fights because of his tactic attack.

Galvius ( 58 int / 57 str ) : A weaker version of Harold with a different terrain bonus.

Furthermore, you should have many 4x level 5 refines by now, otherwise you won´t stand a chance unless your treasures are astronomic high.
My treasures were around 3x61 and 3x20 with 6 level 8 gems when I beat 96, which is kinda low actually, but I couldn´t get more without using money.

Back to refines:

Reduce incoming damage
Best stat for any general, but more than 5 items on one general are useless.
The 6th item should be offensive, attack damage would be the best choice.

Increased attack damage
Works really good with reduce incoming damage, but there are other combinations which work too, like Paladin.
But with Paladin, you won´t beat more than 4 rows normally, so don´t put it on your carry.

Increased attack capability / Increased tactic attack
Can do a good job if you combine them, work best on Servius, Harold and Galvius.
Harold and Galvius can often reach the 5th row if you give them 3 items with 4x level 5 of each stat.

Increase number of troops in command
Works good when you back it up with 3 - 4 reduce incoming damage items.
Other than that, its use is kinda limited.

Increase defensive capability
Substitute for reduce incoming damage, but way worse.

Increased tactic defense
Useless for scenario fights.

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