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Game update 18th september 2015


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Game update 18th september 2015

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:30 pm

What's new

1. New solutions to balance factions
1) In a pitched battle, the allied factions will obtain EXP bonus when attacking the other faction, while lords in the allied factions will obtain less EXP if they attack their ally.
2) When two factions are overwhelmingly stronger than the other faction, lords from the two stronger factions will obtain less EXP when attacking the weakest one, while lords from the weakest faction will get EXP bonus in such cases.
3) New faction quest function: weak factions can help each other with the faction quest and obtain the same amount of Faction EXP.
4) Siege quest
Time: 9:30am - 9:30pm every day, can be activated once each day.
It will be automatically activated when the number of fortresses occupied by any one faction is less than 35.
Faction quests will stop if the siege quest is activated at the same time.

2. New additions to Faction War
1) 2 more special fortresses are added in each faction. (remember ver. 3.7 ?)
2) Every general can obtain a random buff after being trained in the Manor.

3. Modification of in-game events
1) Additional ways to collect Pickaxes in the “Exploit Mine”
2) New rewards, i.e. Gems and Irons, for “Consume Diamonds to Get Gifts”

4. Technology
1) Now you can check new technology in the daily note.
2) Astrology and Technology are combined into one.
3) New technology added when players reach Lv. 117.
4) Several technologies require less time to research now.

5. Combat modification
1) The pace of combat has been accelerated.
2) You can now shorten PVE combat time by using Diamonds.

6. Miscellaneous
1) Less EXP required to level up as Lv. 100~130 players.
2) More chests for Merits.
3) The Gem Association (Lv. 1) decided to add more inventory, so you can trade with them more often.
4) Gem merchants lowered their initial price for Gems.
5) We held a fast training course for your construction crew, and now they can upgrade buildings faster than before.
6) More Frostflowers and Barbarian Gold rewards for the Faction Quests.
7) Now you may find resource carts carrying Golden Hammers in the scenario map (Well, only available in maps before “Ariel City Massacre”).
Cool Recruiting speed for generals higher than Lv. 120 is slightly increased.

My lord, there are many more new features await you, it's time to explore the world again!

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