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Update october 2015


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Update october 2015

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:14 am

1. Two new generals
Hecthorne: Skilled in combat on plains. Has a 25% ATK bonus when fighting on plains; immune to Sail’s rebound; tactics will burn the first 5 rows of the enemy. Recommended sets are Heavenly Ancient Armor and Heavenly Hippogriff Armor.
Grenwood: Expert at mountain combat, get 25% bonus ATK for battles at occur on mountains; his tactic can damage and confuse enemies within 2 rows and can be used twice. Recommended set is Heavenly Rose Armor.

2. Faction Quests with enhanced special events
Lofley Event (Modified)
Prerequisite: One of the factions has reached Lv 5 with no alliances made; faction quest requires to attack or defend a fortress.
Rewards and consequences: The winning faction will be granted 1 faction EXP while the other two factions will have NPC troops stationed around their capitals.
Notice: Won’t appear at the same time as Siege quest or warlock event; NPCs will not disappear at the same time when the faction war ends.

Alchemy Traitor Event (Newly added)
Prerequisite: One of the factions has reached Lv 5 and there’s an alliance between two of the factions. When the faction quests is to defend a fortress, there’s chance that this event will occur.
Details: The two factions that trigger the event need to try to occupy the target warlock fortresses within the time limit. Players who participate and kill enemies will be rewarded.
If the two factions fail to occupy all the target fortresses, then NPC troops will continue to appear around the two capitals until all target fortresses are occupied.
Notice: Event won’t appear at the same time as the siege quest or Lofley event; NPCs will not disappear at the same time when the faction war ends; no rewards available if the target fortresses are occupied after the end of the faction quest.

3. New weapon: Ballista
Siegelord has introduced a powerful new weapon: Ballista. To acquire a Ballista, you need to clear the all the mists on the world map. If you have already unlocked the world map by clearly the mists, you can directly buy one. Ballista can reach 5 rows of enemies in battle. To make your Ballista more powerful, you can upgrade it to increase damage dealt.

4. Event modifications
Lucky draw available for occupation streaks
More recharge rewards
More bonus EXP available for newbie mist quests

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